Thursday, October 02, 2008

Armor of God Pajamas


Hands up all of you who think that these armor pajamas are going to make the kids feel safe and secure at night?

I didn't think so.

The pajamas alone simply won't do. They'll also need semi-automatic handguns.

[Hat Tip: Friendly Atheist]


  1. They claim that God gave them this idea? I'm an avowed atheist, and even I don't think God should be blamed for an idea this stupid.

  2. That is the most comfortable looking "armour" I have ever seen.

    "Armor of God PJs - made from 100% American cotton.

    Now available in Righteousness Silver and Purity White!"

    It might catch on...

  3. I think I just found my Halloween costume.

  4. They may not make them feel safe and secure but they may make them feel like it's Halloween 24/7/365

  5. I want a pair . . . do they come in adult fat-ass size?

  6. Wow, in Norway this would hindge on child abuse.