Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's Molecule #89


You may have noticed that this week's "molecule" isn't exactly a molecule. It's something else entirely. In order to win the fabulous prize you need to tell me what the figure represents and what species it refers to.

There's a direct connection between today's "molecule" and a Nobel Prize. I'm looking for the people who contributed to the work shown in the figure. One of them could have won a Nobel Prize for several other key discoveries but this is the one the Nobel Prize committee decided to pick. A wise choice, in my opinion.

The first one to correctly identify the molecule and name the Nobel Laureates, wins a free lunch at the Faculty Club. Previous winners are ineligible for one month from the time they first collected the prize. There are three ineligible candidates for this week's reward. You know who you are.


Nobel Laureates
Send your guess to Sandwalk (sandwalk (at) and I'll pick the first email message that correctly identifies the "molecule" and names the Nobel Laureate(s). Note that I'm not going to repeat Nobel Laureate(s) so you might want to check the list of previous Sandwalk postings by clicking on the link in the theme box.

Correct responses will be posted tomorrow. I reserve the right to select multiple winners if several people get it right.

Comments will be blocked for 24 hours. Comments are now open.

UPDATE: This week's winner is Brad Hersh of Clemsen University. The figure is the cell lineage of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and the Nobel Laureates are Sulston, Horvitz, and Brenner (2002). Congratulations Brad!

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