Friday, June 27, 2008

The Globe and Mail Reviews "Expelled"

So far, all of the Canadian reviews of Expelled have been good (i.e., they pan the movie). Some are more creative than others. Liam Lacy's review in the Globe and Mail is one of the best. It's set in the form of ten biblical verses [Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed]. The last verse is,
10. Then the Lord looked upon Ben Stein's work and declared: “Though I am a loving God, quite frankly, Ben, this film is an appallingly unscrupulous example of hack propaganda and it sucketh mightily. What's more, I didn't laugh once.”
The rating is "0." Denyse is going to be so disappointed in her journalist friends.


  1. Moran admits Expelled well received in Canada

    Moran, "So far, all of the Canadian reviews of Expelled have been good"

    Ha! This creationist quote mining lark is EASY!

  2. I was amazed that NOW magazine, that bastion of cultural relativism also panned the movie.

    In an interview with NOW's Norman Wilner, Stein even wonders why Darwinists can't explain gravity or the laws of thermodynamics.

  3. I expect Denyse O'Leary will do what she normally does, ignore all the negative press. Despite claiming to being a "journalist" it has never occurred to her that her job is to fairly report both sides of an issue.

    Her own 'review' (apparently she only just got to see the movie herself) is posted at UD and post-darwinist. If you can make any sense of her ramblings, then good luck to you...(how does somebody win "awards" for being such a horrible writer, even though much of what she writes is basically incoherent?)

    BTW, if you want a good laugh at how abysmally ignorant she is about science in general, check this out:

  4. I used to have a subscription to the Globe and Mail, and enjoyed it greatly. Any movie review of zero stars (their scale ranges from zero to four) was automatically worth reading at least twice, just for the sheer sarcastic pleasure. I'm pleased to hear their movie reviews have not declined in quality since I moved and ended my subscription.