Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tangled Bank #106

The latest issue of Tangled Bank is #106. It's hosted at ars technica [Welcome to the 106th Tangled Bank].
Greetings, and welcome to Nobel Intent, the corner of Ars Technica devoted to science. For those Tangled Bank readers who have never stumbled across Ars before, it's a large, tech-focused site that takes its science seriously. We have six science writers here, with backgrounds in planetary science, physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology, and we set them free daily on whatever bit of science catches their fancy. Check things out once you've feasted on the content of this edition of the Tangled Bank, a carnival of science blogging content.

If you want to submit an article to Tangled Bank send an email message to Be sure to include the words "Tangled Bank" in the subject line. Remember that this carnival only accepts one submission per week from each blogger. For some of you that's going to be a serious problem. You have to pick your best article on biology.

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