Friday, May 30, 2008

How Many Biochemists Does It Take ....


... to fix a projector?

At one point during yesterday's talk the projector and Lewis Kay's powerpoint presentation failed to communicate with each other. That's Lewis behind the podium shortly after the problem was fixed. Helping him were, from left to right, David Isenman, Jacque Segall, Charlie Deber, and Peter Lewis.

They are all Mac users so they're used to this kind of tag team effort to solve computer problems. They do it quite often.

There were no glitches with the Windows operating systems.


  1. I set up projectors for powerpoint presentations all the time and no matter the computer used (they're always XP), there is never a problem; it's pleasently suprising.

  2. Odd that the failure of one Micro$oft program occurs less frequently when the user is running a Micro$oft OS vs. an OS made by the bitter rival of Micro$oft.

    I wonder if this would have occured using the (far) superior Keynote software from Apple?

  3. Uggh... Larry's a PC guy? Okay, I'm with the Adaptationists now...


  4. How Many Biochemists Does It Take .... ... to fix a projector?

    Five. One to fix the projector and four to discuss the products of anaerobic metabolism in yeast for a perfect beer.

    Q: How many physicists does it take to fix a projector?

    A: N, for N large, as each iteration involves yet another physicist explaining why the previous optical path isn't the ideal one for the current audience.

    [And I wouldn't want to ask how many Microsoft programmers it takes to fix Vista.]

  5. Yay, Larry! I'm a PC user too! I smirk at adaptationists too!

    *high five*

  6. It figures that pluralists like Larry would use Windows since they're very familiar with punctuated equilibria.

  7. We'll do it live! F*k it! Do it live!

    I can... I'll write it and we'll do it live!

    F*king thing sucks!

  8. Chalk talk!

    Powerpoint is an abomination.

  9. In our lab for journal club/practice talks/group meetings/etc. it is usually the laptops that are running Windows that have the problems. In grad school I did the A/V for departmental seminars/lectures. I never had problems with either Macs or Windows machines. What I did find, difficulties with setting up and inverse to knowledge of their machines (how someone doesn't know/think that their computer has a monitor control panel is beyond me).

  10. While I know it is a bait, I couldn't let it slide. I set up projectors for both Mac and PC and not surprisingly it's got more to do with the projector and its settings than the computer. 10+ years of experience and several conferences.