Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Blue Watermelon Theory

A reader sent me the link to this video with the following comment ...
I came across this movie. It's amazing!!
Please make time to watch it. It'll blow your mind.
We can turn it into a contest.

Question 1: What is the IQ of Shawn? and where did he learn to talk so fast?

Question 2: How many times are the words "false," "falisfiy" and "falsification" used in the video?

Question 3: How come nobody ever told me that evolution has been falsified?

Question 4: Why do we call them IDiots?

Apologies to those who have seen this video before.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of stupid compressed into 11 minutes.

  2. "If evolution be not true, the only explanation for the appearance of varied life on the planet is intelligent design."

    Wait.. What? So in order for evolution to be true it needs to be testable as possibly being false. Okay fine, I'll play in his world and agree with his logic. So somehow, if evolution is not true (false) that somehow proves ID is true? I don't think so. You cannot use the answer of one hypothesis as the direct proof of another.

    Hypothesis: evolution explains the variety of life.
    Answer: (somehow) evolution is proven false. The hypothesis is incorrect.

    How, exactly, does that automatically prove that "...the only explanation for the appearance of varied life on the planet is intelligent design." Shouldn't that be a _different_ hypothesis?

    Epic logical fail.

  3. the title you chose for this post really summarizes why the video is silly. blue watermelon has no explanatory power. evolutionary biology is consistent with many other lines of facts. you can deduce that biological evolution will occur by observations that we can make now: mutations and natural selection.

  4. 1) About room temperature. Celsius.
    And talks fast? A lot slower than I can read! I want to know where he "learned" that reading your unillustrated slides verbatim is a good pedagogical use of the video medium. (Oh right: half his intended audience is illiterate. I forgot).

    2) Didn't bother counting. In fact, once the donwload was complete, I skimmed the text by dragging the cursor with my mouse.

    3) You missed the Cabal meeting where we discussed this. Please start using your PDA.

    4) See #1.

  5. If you're curious about Shawn's IQ, watch his other VenomFangX videos. He prounces around in a Batman costume while showing us how Christianity is superior to Islam. He also gives a quite "sophisticated" cosmological argument for the existence of god in which he is very confused* about basic notions of time and causality.

    *This confusion is of course actually profundity in disguise -- we ignorant atheists aren't allowed to tell religious crazies they're crazy because then we're being dogmatic and just as bad as them. So we have to humor and patronize them and say "atta boy, who's a good apologist? Who's a good wittle apah-wo-gist? You are! Yes you are!"

  6. @ adiamas
    It is clear you have forgotten your basic statistics, when trying to prove something you never test for your hypothesis, but rather for the null hypothesis...

    i won't go fully into the details here, you can look it up if you don't believe me... but for the sake of the devil's advocate here, (or would it be more pol. correct to say Christians?).

    So performing some statistical test on the data to test the hypothesis of evolution we must also state the null hypothesis, that evolution does not explain the variety of life; which for the sake of IDiots and argument is intelligent design

    So by this means we can never conclusively prove evolution is accurate, only that it is plausible, which is the source of the whole video.

    and if you still question that take a second and come up with another explanation other then intelligent design to fit in the null hyp category