Friday, March 21, 2008

Communicating Science in a Religious America

"Communicating Science in a Religous America" was the title of a session at the AAAS meeting in February. Here's a summary of the meeting from someone who seems to have been paying attention [Puttin Science in a Frame]. Here's a teaser ...
Framing has not been without controversy, as some have viewed it as little more than a form of empty platitude or an attempt to dumb down science. What became clear from Nisbet's talk, however, is that there can also be people left out of the ostensibly-shared values; it should be no surprise they are objecting.

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  1. This an interesting summary. His comments on Nisbet are telling, but I think the section on Barbara King was more troubling. This idea that we can compartmentalize our lives - a scientist for 8 hrs, a father for 2, a cook for 1, a husband for 3, etc. is bizarre. They want us to have dissociative identity disorder - it's not healthy.