Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rue du Cherche Midi

This is a picture of Rue du Cherche Midi right outside our apartment in Paris. The street is full of nice shops (expensive), bakeries, and small restaurants. It's perfectly situated in the middle of the 6th (6e) arrondissement [Map].

There are lots of interesting places to see right in our neighborhood. One of the nearby cafés is shown below along with a close-up of a plaque hanging on the wall of a building in on the next street. It says that John Paul Jones died in that building in July 1792. (It seems as though the prominent men and women of the Revolutionary War were very fond of France.) Incidentally, I took a quick poll of several people in the vicinity and none of them knew who John Paul Jones was.


  1. John Paul Jones... he was the bassist for Zeppelin, right?

  2. Was? Haven't you heard about the reunion?