Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the Cafeteria

Yesterday we were at the Musée d'Orsay. We sat down to have a coffee in the museum cafeteria. As you can see, some cafeterias in France are a little more fancy than the average museum cafeteria in North America.

My wife's weird sense of humor produced this picture of me admiring the statues.


  1. May I recommend a trip to the Petit-Palais. Not only does it present a fine array of Art Nouveau works ; it also has a beautiful courtyard/garden with a nice cafeteria. Plus, the entrance is free.

  2. You appear to have been to pretty much the exact same places that I went to on my recent trip to Paris! Musee D'Orsee is really great. I liked the clockface you could see from behind. Oh and some of the art was pretty good too!

  3. Yeah, you always struck me as the type who appreciates a bit of rump steak on the menu...

  4. I just decided to stick this question here.

    When I'm on your blog, I sometimes have trouble using the back button to navigate away. This doesn't seem to happen with any other blog, either on Blogspot or elsewhere.

    At first I thought I wasn't allowing your page to load completely before using the back button, but I have tried a few experiments, and this doesn't seem to be it.

    Has anyone ever mentioned a similar problem to you?

  5. "My wife's weird sense of humor produced this picture of me admiring the statues.

    Well, your wife snapped the shutter....

    I think it is great that one can be a full-fledged adult man - successful, accomplished, a good father and husband - and still enjoy a little sophomoric humor. Even in public. And then published for the whole world to see.


    My condolences to your wife. ;>D