Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Case of Plagiarism

The blogosphere is all atwitter about the publication of a paper titled "Mitochondria, the missing link between body and soul: Proteomic prospective evidence". This is the train wreck of a paper that PZ Myers blogged about a few days ago [What Happened to the "Peers" on this Paper?].

Everyone needs to know that the contents of this paper were not only stupid but also plagiarized. The authors couldn't even come up with their own words to explain their silly ideas. For the latest additions to a long list of stolen paragraphs see Commentary: Neither buried nor treasure.

The guilty journal is Proteomics. The editors are not blameless.


  1. It's quite unpleasant to see this happening at what is undoubtedly a leading journal in the specialty. Thanks for this post, Larry.

  2. Pisses me off that stuff like this happens. It's disgusting. Loosing hope in the human race. Don't tell me, you already lost hope?

  3. I guess it would have been much fun if Denyse O'Leary would have come across the paper berfore PZ blogged about it.

  4. It finaly was retracted:
    unfortunately without any explanation.