Saturday, October 27, 2007

This Is so Sad!

Over the past several days Sandwalk has been spammed with hundreds of comments linking to sites like those listed below. Because I can't keep up with deleting them all, I've had to introduce word verification into the comments posting section of the blog. I'm really, really sad about this.

Why do people behave this way? What ever happened to common decency?

Is there anything I can do to get even?

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  1. It's all the fault of evilooshun, Larry! Evilooshun teaches that humans are just meat, and spam is (rumoured to be) meat, therefore we should sit around all day sending spam. (Um something like that -- I saw it in a video by Rev. Dr. Bovind).

    (I notice Chris Ho-Stuart's blog is getting a bit, too)

  2. Hopefully it's a web crawler 'deamon' doing the rounds and word verification will fix it.

    It looks as though common decency isn't the only survival strategy.

  3. This was the same problem I had with my blog yesterday.

  4. I use Askimet ( to prevent spam. It works fairly well on Wordpress... I don't know if it works on Blogger, though I think it would.

    Worth checking out, though.

  5. Don't worry about it. Word verification is a small price to pay for your sanity.

    I think we can handle it :)

  6. Many of the sites which have had to resort to word verification use services which add a background layer; and that makes it difficult for me to comment because I am an anomalous tri-chromat. (And no I didn't have to study for it.)

    Yours seems to be easy to work with, so it is a small price to pay in order to share my wisdom.

    Hemant: Akismet is designed for wordpress, and it helps me avoid the whole problem, although I often am tempted to let the spam through just so it looks like my lonely blog gets more than just the occasional comment.

  7. I hate word verification too, but I was thinking about putting it in yesterday as well. And I've only had a dozen or so.

    What annoys me the most is that the comment spam always says how much they enjoy my blog, but the name links back to adds for viagra or resort hotels. I also find that when I delete it the same ones come right back the next day.

  8. What annoys me the most is that the comment spam always says how much they enjoy my blog, but the name links back to adds for viagra or resort hotels.

    You mean those nice people aren't offering me free viagra and vacations because my blog is so good?

  9. The spam was really bad, then it got better, then it got worse. Maybe this has to happen again:

  10. Is there anything I can do to get even?

    Send spam, obviously.

    There is a lot of malware ads and spam problems around these weeks. Isn't marketing great? :-\

    On the up side, I'm fairly used to speling Bloger verficaishun bye kNow, its Eesi too, doe.

  11. I've only had the occasional resort spam, but has anyone had entire posts copied and put on Google Ad-laden blogs. I've had them translated verbatim in german and just outright coied in english on other blogs. I usually find them when I occasionally look up my techorati links or statcounter picks them up every now and then too. Its obvious they are just trying to get clicks to increase their ad revenue. I get so pissed, especially since I've made it a point to be an ad-free blog and those posts take a lot of work!

    How common is this with other Blogger users or anyone else?