Friday, October 05, 2007

Posting Comments on PLoS One

Okay that's it for me. This isn't worth the trouble.

I tried posting a response on the thread "Is "prokaryotic" an outdated term?" over on PloS One and after getting bumped around to several different webpages I finally ended up with what looked like a response form. I typed in an extremely erudite and well-reasoned response that would have blown everyone out of the water then hit the "Post" button. (There's no "Preview" option on PLoS One. This is highly discriminatory—it works against people like me who need to proofread everything before posting.)

The result of trying to post a comment is the error message shown below. I can close the error window and hit "Post" again but this produces an endless cycle of error messages.

I'm not an complete idiot when it comes to using computers. I'm not going to waste any more time trying to post comments on the PLoS Website.


  1. You just need to call the tech support hotline! ;)

  2. Although I STRONGLY support what PLoS One is trying to accomplish, I had a similar problem yesterday. My carefully composed comment about the use of 'prokaryote' evaporated when I clicked 'Post', leaving me with dimmed screen and a spinning logo in a little green box. The PLoS One site was very slow to respond to anything - Bora says it should be fixed by now, so I'm going to try again. (Of course I hadn't saved my comment.)

    If you support the principles behind PLoS One, please don't let a tiresome computer glitch drive you away for good. The comments feature is probably the most important thing PLoS One offers, although the activation energy for participation is turning out to be surprisingly high.

  3. FYI - I put in the original prokaryotic comment and I too had some glitches with the posting. Some of the glitches went away when I switched web browsers, so I think the problems might be partially related to blocking cookies and pop up windows.

    I agree with Rosie that the comments function is one of the most exciting things going there ... so lets badger Bora to make sure this gets smoother.

  4. For a brand-new software built in-house, it is performing remarkably well, but glitches do sometimes happen. It is essential to report those to the Webmaster so the IT/Web team can fix it quickly and make the site better and better as time goes on for all users. Just like anything else in development, it needs feedback in order to improve over time. For the time being, I guess, compose in Notepad or something similar before copying and pasting there. And thank you for your patience and your participation.