Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007

The rules for today are that we recommend five blogs you may not be reading on a regular basis. Here are my choices. Four Canadians and one honourary Canadian. How's that for chauvinism?

One of these is the most northern blog on my blogroll. Can you guess which one? One of the bloggers is very horny. Which one? One of the bloggers was recently at Montebello protesting George Bush (and what's-his-name, the Canadian Prime Minister). Two of them are Professors. One of them has the longest hair of any blogger I've met.

Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant

Primodial Blog

Runesmith's Canadian Content


Sex, genes & evolution


  1. Thanks for the mention Larry! I hadn't noticed your post until I checked my traffic and saw the spike.

  2. Thanks, Larry.
    I am trying to catch up after a month-long haitus. Hair is still long, but I hope to cut it soon!