Friday, June 22, 2007

Toronto City Council Approves Yellow Ribbons.

Yesterday's report of the deaths of three Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan stampeded Toronto City Council into approving the yellow ribbon decals on fire trucks and ambulances [What Does the "Support Our Troops" Ribbon mean to You?].

The press release from City Council says it all [Statement by the City of Toronto “Support Our Troops” ribbons to remain on Fire, EMS vehicles]. There's talk on the radio that the decals will also be placed on police cars. That's insane—I hope it's a false rumour.
Toronto City Council today voted unanimously to continue the ribbon campaign on Toronto Fire and EMS vehicles for an indefinite period of time as a show of support for the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency.

In recommending that City Council unanimously endorse the continuation of the ribbon campaign, Mayor David Miller said that all of Canada’s men and women serving in the military have the unwavering support of all Torontonians.

Toronto’s emergency services train and work closely with the Canadian Armed Forces. They share the common thread of personal sacrifice, dedication and professionalism with Canadian forces and the two services will continue to support and work with Canada’s military.

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