Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shhh. Don't tell Larry.

The Tim Horton's fans have all migrated to Pharyngula [Shhh. Don't tell Larry]. I'm not sure but I think some of the comments are making fun of Canadians. Get on over there and teach those Yankees about good coffee and a good country.

Besides, PZ could use the traffic. He's down to less than 25,000 per day.

Oh, and don't forget to tell all those pharyngulites about all the other yummy things at Timmy's. Mmmmm ... honey crullers , timbits, chili, turkey bacon club sandwich, cream of broccoli soup.


  1. I think I figured it out. The coffee is spiked with something but those in the know drink it heavy on the milk which counter acts the effects.

  2. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, and can name at least a dozen people that I know for a fact are addicted to Tim Hortons. The family of one of my old girlfriends used to all go to Tim Hortons for supper once or twice a week.
    Personally, I like Smitty's coffee better.

  3. Oh, sure, I always need more traffic, but is tapping the Canadian market actually going to give me much of a boost? I think they're all already reading it. Maybe if I learned Inuit and French I could pick up another half dozen readers.

    Last time I visited Canada there was a Tim Horton's right next to the hotel I was stuck in. In fact the Tim Horton's was the only source of food and coffee within walking distance. Do Canadians only go there because they have no other choice?

  4. The Inuit language spoken in Canada is called Inuktitut.

    "...while you can call the French language French, you cannot call the Inuit language Inuit. Saying "Peter speaks Inuit" is a very strange usage that most people who are familiar with the Inuit language would recognise as suspect, comparable to asserting that Hispanics must speak "Hispanic"." Wikipedia