Sunday, May 13, 2007

The ABC Nightline "Debate"

Just in case you haven't seen the "debate" here are the YouTube videos for your enjoyment. I'm sure the "intellectual" believers will disown Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort but I wonder if they really could do a better job?

The "Coke Can" proof of the existence of God is a classic. Watch it in the second clip. It's hard to believe that Ray Comfort's intended audience can be stupid enough to fall for that argument but I have to assume that Comfort knows who he's talking to. After all, he convinced Kirk Cameron and he has years of experience preaching to average Christians.


  1. Early in his presentation Comfort says that his argument from a coke can is an insult to the audiences intelligence. Oh, the irony!

  2. Cameron's emotional babble towards the end was nauseating

  3. Intelligent design doesn't mean mistakes don't happen. It means more of a trail and error.

    God created the Universe, evolution did the rest.