Saturday, March 24, 2007

PZ's Hooked a Live One!

Hop on over to Pharyngula where PZ Myers is pointing out the deficiencies of an IDiot school teacher in Colorado [What's the matter with Colorado?].

This guy, Ken Poppe, has actually written a book exposing his ignorance. Look at the cover—that's supposed to be DNA but the structure is so wrong it makes you wonder if Poppe knows anything about science at all.

But here's the fun part. Ken Poppe has popped into Pharyngula to comment on PZ's post. Poppe's first comment is "I'm not afraid of your witchhunt. Bring it on, secularists. Bring it on." It goes downhill from there.


  1. I vote "troll" on the Poppe-poster at Pharyngula. He's just toooo perfect. (Not that creationists don't often descend into unconcious self-parody, but....)

    As for the cover art: presumably, he didn't do it himself -- would he have had veto over it?

  2. The "DNA" on his book had me laughing, but I doubt that the "Dr" is really posting at pharyngula. I do hope I'm wrong and that he makes a return appearance.

  3. I third the troll comments - it looked like a cartoon of a creationist.

  4. oh! that was a good chunk of discussion on pharyngula. I wonder if God made some humans from the Creationist DNA and others from Evolutionary DNAs??? ;)

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