Thursday, February 22, 2007

Australia: Dick Loves You, He Really Loves you!

Cheney praises Howard's loyalty.
The alliance between Australia and America was strong because both nations worked at it and respected each other as equals, United States Vice-President Dick Cheney said today.

In a major speech to the Australian-American leadership dialogue in Sydney, Mr Cheney said the deep affinity between the countries had grown into a great alliance over time.

"Australia and America share an affinity that reaches to our souls," he said.

"Over time, that deep affinity has grown into a great alliance.
You must be so proud. He never says that about Canada.


  1. We love him too. So much we'd like to fuck him over...

  2. So are visa's easy to get into Canada? Is there any surf there? We are equals just as long as we do everything GW and Cheney want.


  3. I'm reminded of a line from Gwynne Dyer's book, Future: Tense (and I'm probably paraphrasing):

    "Australian foreign policy is basically to send some troops to support every major US military action. This is done in the hopes that if Australia is ever seriously threatened, the US will repay the favour."

  4. Australia and America share an affinity that reaches to our souls," he said.

    You're not going to convince me that Dick Cheney has a soul.

  5. And I say there is no proof that any politician has a soul.

    Note that it is a Canadian mantra that we don't get respect from Americans. They often seem not to even notice us. Sort of like we are the mousy little housewife and australia is the exotic arm candy. :-}

    Yes there is surf in Canada. I don't know about the east coast, but people do make the trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island just to surf. I am going to guess that most Aussies will be put off by the need for full wetsuits. Winter has the best waves, so that's when you have to go. 'Course most tropical surfers probably wouldn't appreciate our summer ocean temperatures, either.

    Tourist visas are not required for Australians. My impression is that the bureaucracy have made a mess out of the work visa requirements. Your mileage will vary.

    I'm also guessing that the Conservatives would have gone into Iraq with the US, had they been in power at the time. I recall being quite relieved when the decision not to go was announced.