Saturday, January 13, 2007

Can Anyone Answer This Question?

Check out the new look of Uncommon Descent, the blog by Dembski, O'Leary, and friends. It almost looks as though someone intelligent designed it.

Isn't it interesting that the best they can come up with is a bacterial flagellum—a structure whose evolution is getting to be fairly well understood?

While you're there, read Every day biology is looking more and more designed and see if you can answer the question posed by the author,
I receive Nature E-Alerts in a number of biological research fields. Almost every time I read the abstracts and even the titles, or spend more time delving into the detail, I hear “Intelligent Design” silently screamed from the pages. Am I deluded ...?

Update: Joshua Rosenau has an answer at [Simple answers to stupid questions (now with bonus answer to bonus question!)].


  1. The new banner looks phallic to me....

  2. The complete question was:

    Am I deluded, or do others hear it too?

    Joshua Rosenau gave the correct answer on Thaughts from Kansas already:

    Yes and no, respectively.

  3. The banner looks astoundingly.....


  4. Rosenau's powers of observation are such that he ascribed the post to Dembski. What a dumbass.

  5. What kind of name is Shalini? I keep looking for a red dot on your forehead.

  6. DaveScot said...
    Rosenau's powers of observation are such that he ascribed the post to Dembski. What a dumbass.

    Joshua made a simple mistake. You, however, as you pointed out several times on UD before, are agnostic. Especially in biology I may add. Do you still beleave in 1n-Jesus or did you get the number of chromatids in meiosis right finally?

  7. Finding any time for that ID research program (that you guys are all working so very hard on) amidst making racist wisecracks, Dave?

  8. Ah, yes, simple minded pattern matching. Salvador Cordova noted that there is a creationist interest to look for languages and hidden codes (and bible messages, no doubt) in cell machinery. (And now I'm doing it too. :-)

    I thoroughly enjoyed that the promoted link is to Allen Orr's The NY Review of Books review of three popular books on religion, and under the title "[ ] on the new breed of atheists". The site has many bouncers but still can't keep the religion hidden.

  9. "You don't want to call them Darwimps because the Dawkins fans don't like it."
    after Archie Bunker

    "You don't want to call them Fundies because the Bible Banging Baptist Bigots don't like it."

    I say a pox on both their silly houses.

    The truth lies elsewhere and I know where that is. It is in the Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis. No other alternative is conceivable. "Darwimpianism," as I have finally come to describe it, is the biggest and most long lived hoax in the history of science. As for a Christian or any other sort of personal God, I stand with Einstein -

    "The main source of the present-day conflicts between the spheres of religion and science lies in the concept of a personal God.

    It is hard to believe isn't it?

    I love it so!

    "A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonsrable."
    John A. Davison