Sunday, January 07, 2007

Abolish the Death Penalty

Italians are spearheading a worldwide campaign to abolish the death penalty. I support their efforts. Citizens of all countries that retain the death penalty should petition their govenrment to abolish it immediately.

The Italian government outlawed the death penalty in 1948. Whenever a death sentence is commuted, or a country abolishes capital punishment, Rome changes the color of the colosseum's lighting to deep gold. There are 68 countries that retain the death penalty. Let's try and change the colors 68 more times.

[Reuters: Rome to light Colosseum in death penalty protest][Amnesty International: Light a city for life]


  1. Sorry, but the anti-death-penalty people generally lose me right around the time they try to claim that things like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Osama bin Laden have any more "right to life" than a rabid dog. Such morally deformed monstrosities have to be destroyed, not for "justice" or "revenge," but simply to make certain they never do it again.

  2. Do they dim the lights whenever someone is murdered? No, I thought not. The victims are written off like dead laboratory animals or aborted fetuses

  3. Whoops, sorry, the above somment was me - forgot to fill in my name