Thursday, November 23, 2006

Iraqi Children Throwing Rocks

This video from YouTube is poignant in so many ways ... It's the same situation that Canadian forces face in Afghanistan. If the children hate us then why are we there?



  1. In Iraq?

    Because we were all conned by the Shrub and his crroked cronies.

    In Afghanistan?
    Because something as evil as the Taliban, who like Hizboolah, are Nazis with a new label, cannot be permitted to walk around unpunished, if we can help it.

  2. Well, of course it's all about oil...oh, er, uh, spreading democracy!

  3. Gee, its really too bad he can't use 'deadly force' on those children. Its exactly that kind of 'oh we better not shoot kids' cowardice that makes it so hard to keep a brutal invasion and occupation rolling along smoothly.

    As far as Afghanistan goes, at this point I'm feeling pretty bleak on the whole 'experimenting in big-boy international politics' phase Ottawa is going through.

    Bush and Rumsfield's attention span timed out on Afghanistan, NATO seems to be pushing paper, and Canada is left fighting?

    I would point out that we, as the affluent west as a whole, have turned our back and stuck our fingers in our collective ears about 95% of the nasty shit that goes on in the world and never lost sleep because of it. So it seems like a pretty awkward moment for hawkish politicians and 'make things go boom' hicks to grow a conscience.

    We can't fix the deep-seated problems in that part of the world by bombing the rubble for a few years while shoving democracy on them, and I sincerely doubt anybody thinks that strategy will ever work. So why are we committing to failure? It is time either for a new a better approach (and it would have to be a hum-dinger) or to just GTFO, and let them sort it out like the sovereign states they are.