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Monday, May 30, 2011

Junk DNA Poll

If you haven't answered the junk DNA poll question in the margin then now's the time! There's only one week left.

The results so far are surprising—very different from my previous poll on this topic. It looks like one side is wining.


  1. It looks like one side is wining.

    Or the structure of your readership is changing.

  2. My meta-vote on the change in answers to this second poll compared to the first is: it's now easy to find a recent post that summarizes how much of a human genome is almost certainly junk and how much is clearly functional. If you can do basic arithmatic, you can vote in this poll based on the evidence.

  3. So far it seems that 2/3 of respondents believe Larry is wrong.

    Of course, this is a "junk" poll that is completely unscientific.

  4. @Atheistoclast - what percentage think you're wrong?

    I don't think it makes any claim to be 'science', either way.