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Monday, April 28, 2014

Experimental Biology 2014

I'm in San Diego (California, USA) attending Experimental Biology 2014 (EB2014). This is a large meeting of several differnent societies. The one I belong to is ASMBM (American Society for Biochemisty & Molecular Biology).

I'm mostly interested in the sessions on teaching. The two I went to yesterday were on "Measuring Success in Undergraduate Education" and "Mentoring and Networking: Preparing for the Future."

There are far too many science talks. It's a bit overwhelming. I tend to focus on the plenary sessions where you can get an overview of a subject. This is where I'm most likely to find new material for my textbook. (No luck so far.)

All the cool people are here.

Here's Voet & Voet (Don Voet and Judy Voet). I also met John Tansey and several of the other authors on the paper covering ASMBM Core Concepts [see ASBMB Core Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Molecular Structure and Function ].

We've had some interesting discussions. I don't think I've convinced them, yet.

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