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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Carnival of Evolution #48

This month's Carnival of Evolution (48th version) is hosted by a developmental biologist at the University of Minnesota (Morris). He blogs at Pharyngula: Carnival of Evolution 48: The Icelandic Saga
I must begin by apologizing for my tardiness, especially since John Wilkins managed to post the last one on time. I was traveling in the 2½ weeks preceding the deadline for CoE, and the combination of spotty internet access, extreme jetlag (British Columbia to Germany to Iceland, where the sun hovered around the horizon all night long, just messed me up), and of course, the incredible distractions of exotic foreign lands, meant that I was disgracefully dilatory in putting it all together.

The next Carnival of Evolution (July) has no host. If you want to volunteer, contact Bjørn Østman. Bjørn is always looking for someone to host the Carnival of Evolution. He would prefer someone who has not hosted before. Contact him at the Carnival of Evolution blog. You can send articles directly to him or you can submit your articles at Carnival of Evolution.

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