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Monday, January 18, 2010

Name This Tree

Seriously, what kind of tree is this? It grows in Belgium.

[Photo by Ms. Sandwalk]


  1. It's a monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana); the round brown things are cones.

    They grow in Vancouver too.

  2. Looks very much like a Monkey Puzzle tree. Some decent pics here

  3. Ditto the monkey puzzle tree.

    I recall first seeing one on the campus of UCSD. That one had enormous cones, large enough to cause possible injury if one fell on you!

    I was told the name comes from the spines on the trunk and branches being so sharp that even a monkey would be puzzled at trying to climb it.

  4. They grow in Victoria BC as well, and pretty darned big too.

  5. Monkey Paw
    Also seen grown on Vancouver Island in numerous residential locations

  6. Growing in Belgium, Victoria or Vancouver doesn't mmean that it is endemic there. It's natural habitat is in South-America.

  7. we had one in fla. ..didnt want to cut down because it reminded me a a tree up north with snow on it...really, really hudge...and the pods as we called them would could hear them in the house....barley missed a car driving down the road...finally found someone to cut it down....hated picking up the spinniny leaves...and scared one of those pods would hit me in the head...there heavy large and spinny too...