Friday, August 01, 2014

Atheists really do believe in god!!!

Last year at this time I was in Copenhagean, Denmark. This is a country full of people who don't believe in god(s). At least they think they don't believe in gods. Turns out they are probably wrong according to Casey Luskin [Evolutionary Studies Suggest that Atheists, Whatever They Say to the Contrary, Really Do Believe in God].

Luskin thinks that evolution is true after all, especially when it supports his prejudices beliefs. He quotes some really silly articles that make a really silly claim; namely, that it's impossible for all those Danes to have abandoned belief in gods because lack of belief in gods is psychologically impossible. We have evolved to believe in Loki and Freyr and there's no escaping our evolutionary destiny.

Just when you think that the IDiots can't get any stupider, they come up with something like this.


  1. Another triumph of reason over observation.

  2. God or no God, that is the question apparently. Science blogs not about science. Good luck with that.

  3. Mr Luskin is making a good point here.
    evolutionists constantly say religion is from evolved tendencies. It comes from evolutions impact on human thinking. darwin said this too.
    SO. He makes a cute point that people who claim to be atheist are not really IF the evolution of God in peoples head is true.
    SO any rejection of God is showing GOD ideas are not from innate evolved promptings.
    Its a cute logical reply.

  4. So according to their opinions, my firm atheism is proof evolution is a lie? What a confusing, circular mess :-(

  5. There is no question that religion has been deeply embedded in human culture for thousands of years. There is no question that it continues to flourish. Those are facts in the best Gouldian sense.

    However, what Copan, Luskin, Byers, O'Leary and all the other True Believers quietly ignore is that the observation applies to all religions, not just theirs. Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jainism, Paganism, Satanism, it doesn't matter. The benefits seem to accrue to varying degrees from all of them.

    Most if not all faiths would agree that only one of them can be true. The problem they have is they can't agree on which one. Which is something of a problem because if all religions is beneficial then the advantages are not obviously related to the truth of any belief. Perhaps religions are just cultural constructs after all. Anyone for a quick whiff of opium of the people?

    1. Fine but the thread was about Luskin's equation.
      he was saying evolutionists, some, say religion is innate genetics that was selected for and so he was making the point the presence of atheists, small or great Dane size, is evidence its not innate genes. Its human choice pure.
      one must know the background.

  6. A. atheists don't know but at least we have the balls to state that where as creationists still hide behind imaginary friends. B. Theism is an evolutionary adaptation for the brain where as atheism is another branch off to where the person actually uses their brain to find answers instead of sitting around saying must have been god