Sunday, September 20, 2015

Café Scientifique in Mississauga

Some of you might recall that I gave a presentation last June on "Replaying the Tape of Life" at a Café Scientifique in Mississauga )(Ontario, Canada) [Café Scientifique]. It was a lot of fun and there were many interesting people.

The new season begins tomorrow with a meeting at 7 pm at The Franklin House, 263 Queen St S., in Streetsville, Mississauga (Ontario Canada) [see Meetup]. Come and join us for a discussion about science outreach ...
Come hear Randy Attwood, Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, interviewed for a Star Spot podcast by host Justin Trottier.

In his interviews at the Star Spot, Mr. Trottier aims to go beyond the science under discussion to explore the implications of specific discoveries, why we explore, and how to engage the public in scientific pursuits. Where applicable The Star Spot dives into the intersection of science, philosophy and life's big questions.

Randy is Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and founder of the RASC Mississauga Centre. He is co-organizer of the Mississauga Star Gazers meetup group and of the monthly Observe the Moon and planets through large telescopes event at Riverwood Conservancy. He is a frequent guest on CTV called upon to explain astronomy and space exploration news.

An Engineering Science graduate of the University of Toronto, Justin is best is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs discussing church-state separation, skeptical inquiry and fundamental freedoms. While known to many of us as the founder of Center for Inquiry Canada (CFIC) as well as of the Freethought Association of Canada, the range of his interests is very broad. He is a founder of the U of T Astronomy and Space Exploration Society and a former board member of the Canadian Space Society.
Don't be shy about joining us. There are plenty of newcomers at each meeting. All you have to do is walk upstairs at the restaurant and order your beer (and food if you're hungry)!


  1. Larry,

    What if I come in and ask you questions about the origins of life, the origins of information or biochemical evolution? How about endosymbiosis and the origins of some unusual genes in eukaryotes? Are you going to say I don't know? I don't think it is going to sit well with the crowd and the owner who hopes to sell a few beers thanks to you having some answers.

    I drove by the area today. They had some oldie car expose today right in the middle of the square. The ice-cream shop and the restaurants in the square and around must have been making a killing because there was no parking anywhere even down in the park by the river.

    They should have invited you on a Sunday but they do it on a Monday when the town is dead? I wonder why?

    1. OMG, that sure would make my day. Unfortunately, there's no "square" and no river near the site so it looks like liesforthe devil is lost (in more ways than one).

    2. I would like Mr. Trottier to know that the Ottawa Centre of the RASC is the ONLY centre in Canada that published a statement about Science and Evolution.

      Charles O'Dale

    3. It's not clear to me why a bunch of (mostly amateur) astronomers is publishing a statement about biology. Are there any biology clubs that have published statements about science & astronomy? :-)

      (BTW, I once was a member of the RASC Ottawa chapter but that was a very long time ago.)

    4. Dr. Moran, Thanks for the plug for Cafe Scientifique Mississauga and for this evening's event.

    5. You're very welcome George. My daughter is coming with me - she has a Ph.D. degree in astrophysics.

    6. Prof. Moran, apparently there'a a reason why they issued that statement (back in 2007)

    7. The Ottawa Centre published the statement on science and evolution in response to a creationist group in Ottawa using their membership in the RASC to claim that it was credible science organization. We followed the example of the Royal Society:

    8. Also:

    9. @Larry

      OMG, that sure would make my day. Unfortunately, there's no "square" and no river near the site so it looks like liesforthe devil is lost (in more ways than one).

      Well Larry, I begin to doubt you have ever been to Streetsville. Here is why:

      Streetsville Square Events - Classic car show Sept 20, 2015

      I gather you don't like fishing either. If you did, you would positively know that there is the most amazing salmon fishing spot twice a year just down the town square about 300 yards from where you were apparently selling you propaganda.

      Your attitude on this case is the same as when you talk about science.