Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can You Name These Famous People?

I was cleaning up my files and I came across this photo from seven years ago. It's one of those vanity photos1 where I try to impress you by having my picture taken with famous people.

Can you name all the people in the photo (hint, I'm the one on the right). You're not allowed to guess if you are one of the people in the photo.

Are you impressed? (You should be.)

1. That's what Jerry Coyne calls them


  1. 2nd from left: Wes Elsberry. I assume the others are Howlers, but I don't recognize them (except, of course, Prof. Steve Steve).

  2. Nick Matzke, Wes Elsberry, John Harshman, Prof. Steve Steve, Larry someone.

  3. I truly don't remember this occasion, but clues suggest that it might be at Zante's Pizza in San Francisco. And I remember going there with a group of Howlers including Nick, but not Larry. Nor do I remember ever seeing Nick, Wesley, and Larry all at the same time. Apparently I'm old. Oddly enough, I do recall giving Prof. Steve Steve the horns.

  4. Sorry, you are the only one that I recognize.