Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Should senior scientists be bloggers?

Eva asks the questions on her Nature Network blog [Bloggers]. I was going to leave a comment there but I can never remember my login name and password.

I hate sites like that.

The answer seems pretty obvious to me. Some small percentage of senior scientists will enjoy blogging but most won't. It's not a big deal. There's no reason to encourage more senior scientists to blog. They'll do it naturally if they feel the need.


  1. I think the same principle goes for grad students, as in my case.
    It may not be a 'representative population' but nobody else in my school blogs (if i can use that as a verb)about science.

    In the case of senior scientists, and as I have argued in my blog, many of them will not take the time to post comments on articles, or use Wiki sites or, in fact, have blogs, because it take too much time to think and post something that contains no errors 'at all'(scientifically speaking), as these posts will be associated with their names. This is something i discussed a few years ago with the CEO of the RNA society and it's a reality. Maybe some of them are insecure and prefer just not to post than to risk posting something that -may- be wrong.

  2. Firefox remembers all my passwords for me. Your username is probably your e-mail address, and then you can reset your password from there. But thanks for the feedback!