Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meat Loaf: Would you let your daughter listen to "Paradise by the dashboard light?"

I have a confession to make. I've been fan of Meat Loaf ever since Rocky Horror Picture Show.1

It was fun watching Meat Loaf on this FOX news clip—thanks to Greg Laden for posting it.

At six minutes and ten seconds into the video the moderator says that he doesn't want his daughter, when she become 14, listening to "Paradise by the dashboard light." Them's fighting words.

Would you let your daughter see this video and listen to the lyrics? If not, what are you afraid of? Do you think that 14 year old girls (and boys) don't know about sex?

Here's one of my favorites ("I Would Do Anything for Love"). I seem to recall that it was my daughter—when she wasn't much older than 14—who first started playing it on our car trips. Incidentally, Ms. Sandwalk isn't a big fan of Meat Loaf. She has a stack of 20 or 30 CDs that we play on our car trips and I don't think there's a single song by Meat Loaf. There are lots of songs by dudes I never heard of, like Tchaikovsky and The Rolling Stones.

1. I'm also a fan of Susan Sarandon


  1. Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a classic song from my days at summer camp! I was certainly enjoying it when I was 14, and when I was 18 and a camp counselor I was sharing it will all my "kids". They loved it too.

  2. OhMyGod. My daughter knew about sex? Who told you?

    I bet it was from listening to all that country music that your Mom liked. Wasn't there some song about boots under a bed?

  3. Two out of three. That's proof enough for me. Scientists are dorks. the line in the famous play "Humble Boy" states...
    Flora: "I've been doubly cursed. I married a biochemist and gave birth to an astrophysicist".

    The sad thing thing is that artists generally have to die before they make any money...quote from the artist in the family. They are, however, much more musically inclined.

    I know, I know, prove it!

  4. Chris asks,

    What's the collective noun for Morans?

    I'm not exactly sure. It's either a "murder of Morans" or a "murmuration of Morans." Here's the complete list of collective nouns.