Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tangled Bank #99

The latest issue of Tangled Bank is #99. It's hosted by Greg Laden at GregLaden's Blog [The Tangled Bank].
This is the February 20, 2008 edition of The Tangled Bank web carnival. The next edition will be hosted at Archaeoporn.

If you want to submit an article to Tangled Bank send an email message to Be sure to include the words "Tangled Bank" in the subject line. Remember that this carnival only accepts one submission per week from each blogger. For some of you that's going to be a serious problem. You have to pick your best article on biology.


  1. We're all just biochemisty as moi’s, officially ignored, film/research
    into the origin of Christendom shows.

    Since the film is
    the awful facts it must be disregarded by those that tout
    the beautiful untruths.

    The Religious Authorities, and those that GAIN from there being religions [e.g., People in the “Business” of Atheism], always say NOT to view that which they DO want you to see and avert their eyes, and remain quite silent, about that which they hope you will not chance upon.

    Part I

    Part II

    Stay on groovin’ safari,