Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joke of the Day: Jonathan Wells

Your dose of humor for today comes from an article by Jonathan Wells on the Discovery Institute website [Alchemy, Marxism, and the future of Darwinism]. With a title like that you can expect a good laugh. Normally these jokes begin with "a priest, a rabbi, and a preacher walked into a bar." But if you're an IDiot you start with "I was talking to a physics student and a biochemistry student ...." Here's the set-up ...
I recently found myself in a conversation with two college undergraduates, both of them seniors in the natural sciences (physics and biochemistry, respectively). At one point we were discussing alchemy, which they knew as a pre-modern attempt to transmute lead into gold. I asked them whether they could name any famous alchemists. They could not, though one of them dimly recalled hearing of “someone whose name began with A.”

I then predicted that Darwinian evolution would eventually fade into the same obscurity that now shrouds alchemy. Although I knew from previous conversations that my young friends were skeptical of Darwinian theory, they expressed considerable surprise at my prediction, if only because Darwinism is presently held in such high esteem by their professors.

So I proceeded to explain the basis for my prediction.


  1. All else aside, I could think of a famous alchemist almost instantly. His name starts with an N.

  2. Here's another joke: try asking undergraduates to name a famous chemist. They might well flounder as badly as they did in Wells' request for the name of an alchemist.

    This means, of course, that chemistry is a False Doctrine doomed to oblivion.

  3. Darwinists think they already possess the secret of turning bacteria into baboons.

    That can't be so hard. Look how easily Wells turns himself into one.

  4. Wow that is really dumb and not really funny. No wonder they call it an IDiot joke.

  5. When biologists eventually unravel the true organizing principles of life, they will quickly put Darwinism behind them.

    And those would be... Goddidit?

    Darwinism has almost nothing to contribute to the development of biology. Snort! Spew coffee all over the keyboard!

    Unbelievably moronic. Can anybody really be IDiotic enough to buy this crap?

    By the way, wasn't Sir Roger Bacon an alchemist?

  6. I used to laugh maniacally at IDiot jokes previously; now they just make me wince.

  7. Isn't this an old story told by convicted felon mr Kent Hovind?

  8. Just don't go telling any Scotsman jokes to gypsies.

  9. Newton, but then he isn't famous for his alchemy.