Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Libya Reverts to the Stone Age

Several bloggers are all over the this story [Six innocent people sentenced to death.] It concerns five foreign nurses and a doctor who went to Libya in 1999 to help look after sick children. Many of the children became infected with HIV and developed AIDS. Genetic testing has shown that the virus was present before the team of nurses and doctors arrived at the hospital but, in spite of the scientific evidence, the Tripoli Six have been convicted of spreading the disease and sentenced to death.

There has been rejoicing in the street in Libya as citizens demonstrate their support for an ignorant court.


  1. Gaddafi wants a pay-off - I suspect the same amount of money he paid out after the Lockerbie trial ...

    It is blackmail, pure and simple.

    I suspect someone is going to have to succumb to that blackmail, if we want the innocent to live ......

    O, BTW, you've altered something on your site.
    One can read the "comments", but if you click on any of the "Read More..." links, all you get is: " javascript:void(0); "

    ...and nothing happens at all ....

  2. If this case had not involved non Libyans it would not have made the news.

    Libya is one of the hell holes of this planet that gets a pass for the simple accomplishment of not being America or Israel.